Web Hosting Coupons, Black Friday Deals & Promo Codes 2022

Searching for FastComet hosting offers and discounts for shared hosting or cloud. You are at the right place. In this article, we will share mind-blowing FastComet coupon codes and deals.

In the world of web hosting, FastComet is privately owned and independent. In the hosting market, they are recognized as the number one provider of web hosting services. HostAdvice has rated and awarded it as a top choice for web hosting.

Even though most people can afford its plans. The hosting plan is still out of reach for many people. As a result, FastComet offers discounts and coupons to help them.

These coupon codes are used at checkout to unlock mind-blowing discounts on all hosting plans. Through discount offers, the client is able to start a website without having to make a large investment.

FastComet Coupon Codes

However, the offers stay valid for a limited time. So to help the needy ones, we have listed some of the ongoing FastComet Discount coupons codes and discounts. Read till the end to find out the codes and use it to create your dream.

It is better for new bloggers who didn’t hear about FastComet Hosting to first understand it. So they can clear out if it is the right hosting solution or not.

FastComet Quick Review 2022

FastComet is a premium web hosting solution provider. They are listed as the best and user’s top choice for web hosting solutions. It was started in 2013 by dedicated and hardworking individuals.

Now, it is considered the number one premium hosting solution in the world. for every size of the website or business, they have a hosting solution. All the hosting plans are built specifically for fulfilling the website requirements.

There is no hidden cost in their services. it can be said that they provide more than they charge. As in all the hosting packages, many free addons are included. These add-ons help the website run smoothly and perform well.

They also have tools for bloggers to work efficiently and utilize time. Few tools like Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificate, free domain name. these free add-ons help clients to save money on the services.

All these services are very expensive for a new blogger who doesn’t have an income. so it is great hosting for starting a new website or online business.

Now, we are going to look at a few popular features that FastComet offers to the clients.

FastComet Tools & Features

FastComet Features

1. Free 1-year Domain Subscription

FastComet does a warm welcome to their new clients with a 1-year free domain subscription. The client can register a free domain name and it will be free for 1 year. If the client already has a domain name, then they renew it for 1 year.

It is a sweet welcome gesture to their clients as they save a lot of money on the renewal fee.

2. Free Website or Domain Transfer

FastComet wants to keep its clients stress free and away from any complicated work. One of the frustrating works is to move the website and domain from one hosting to another. Most of the bloggers stuck here and end up doing modifications to core components.

This results in errors and wastes a lot of time fixing. So to keep it simple, they offer free website and domain migration from experts. Their migration team will move the complete website and its data within 24 hours.

All the data will get safely migrate to FastComet servers. This makes the moving process very simple for clients. They can focus on their work while the migration is being done. It is a very efficient and easy way for clients to move to new hosting.

3. Free SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate is very important for the website. it indicates the safety of the data on the website. so if it is not present on any website then there will be few visitors because of safety reasons.

Google has announced in one of their announcements that a website with an SSL certificate installed will get an SEO boost in the search results. So there is no option to not have an SSL certificate.

FastComet understands it, so they provide a free SSL certificate in all the hosting plans. This helps the client to activate it in one click and save money.

4. Free Website builder

FastComet offers a website builder that is very helpful for web designers. They don’t have to write a hundred lines of code to design a website. instead, they can use drag and drop to add components on the website as they like.

It is a very simple way to design a website theme and home page. There is no need to learn any designing course to design the website. it also has free templates that can be quickly used to install on the website and start using it.

5. SSD Drives

SSD Drives are the best way to boost the server speed which results in faster website loading. With the help of SSD drives, WordPress can create dynamic pages in less than a second and display it to the reader. 

This makes the loading time fast and people can able to view data superfast. They don’t have to wait for 1-2 seconds for data to load. it can just happen in milliseconds.

FastComet uses SSD drives to provide storage to the clients. This saves their time to optimize the website speed. As it is already fast.

6. Automated Backups

Automated backups are a very awesome feature that backups the data to the cloud. The client doesn’t have to do anything for backups. They can set a time duration for starting backups and then it will start automatically.

It saves bloggers time and they can focus on the other important work. There is no extra charge for automated backups. It is provided free with all the hosting plans.

7. Advanced Technical Support

FastComet has advance technical support which solves their client’s problem. Technical support is offered all over the world. the service is available 24/7/365 days. So the client doesn’t have to wait for finding solutions for their problems.

Technical support has good experience and the ability to guide the clients to encounter the problem. They are very friendly and provides a great solution.

8. 45 Days Money Back Guarantee

FastComet offers a 45 days money-back guarantee feature. It gives their clients the power to cancel the service within 45 days. They offer this feature because they want their clients to feel free. They don’t want to keep their clients in the stress of not working out.

FastComet is very confident in its services and tools. They will not offer this feature if they are not sure about their service. Because it can do a lot of damage to the company’s revenue. 

As everyone will purchase the service to use it. After 45 days they can cancel the plan and get all the money back. So it is a bad business. But FastComet has built its service so much reliable and powerful. That once anyone starts using it they will keep doing it.

However, it is great immune to the client for their money. They don’t have to keep using the service they don’t like.

We have seen a few popular features of FastComet Hosting. now it is time we look at the coupon codes that we can use to get discount offers.

FastComet Coupon Codes 2022 & Beyond!

All the below coupons are listed when they were active. So if you see these coupons invalid then the offer may have ended.

FastComet Halloween Sale

On this Halloween, FastComet has come up with exciting and mind-blowing discount offers. These coupon codes can be used at the time of checkout. These coupons are valid for all types of hosting plans.

FastComet Halloween Coupon
  1. Shared Hosting 70% OFF coupon code – TREATS70
  2. VPS Cloud & Dedicated Hosting 40% coupon code – TREATS40
FastComet Coupon 70% OFF
FastComet Hosting Offers
By copying & pasting this special offer, you'll get a whopping 70% discount on any of the FastComet Shared, WordPress, WooCommerce hosting plans. Just make sure you copy & paste the code within the next few hours.

FastComet HostAdvice Coupon Codes

FastComet Coupons
  1. 75% OFF on all Hosting  – HAHOT75
  2. 15% OFF on VPS Cloud & Dedicated Hosting – HA15CLOUD
FastComet Coupon 40% OFF
FastComet Cloud & VPS Hosting Plans 40% OFF
Want to sign up & subscribe to the FastComet Cloud & VPS Hosting plans? This is the right chance for you to earn up to 40% discount. Just copy our discount code & paste it.

All the above-mentioned FastComet coupon codes and discounts offers are valid for a limited period. So make up your mind and use this opportunity before it ends.

If anyone starts a blog and wants to change a life. Then there will be no better opportunity than FastComet discount offers in 2022.

Their main goal is to make it easy for everyone to have their website or business online. they keep on applying new technologies to improve the service. So the clients can run their business more efficiently.

However, there are many web hosting solutions in the market. But we chose FastComet because they are very affordable yet offer robust services. their services are not less than premium hosting. They are always available to help their clients on websites or business setup. There is no better service than FastComet in the market at this price. Use these FastComet coupon codes and discount offers to start a website with very less investment.