0 is a comprehensive online resource and directory for the Outsourcing, BPO, and Shared Services industries, provides an archive of articles, whitepapers, eBooks and other resources.
  • The first ebook, What is this thing called outsourcing? will be published and distributed at the end of April 2013.
  • These publications provide an overview to the vast range of outsourcing solutions in the market place as well as providing practical advice and guidance on maximising the benefits and value organisations can obtain from engaging a BPO or outsourcing provider.
  • Supporting the eBooks is an online directory of outsourcing and BPO solution providers, segmented by solution category.

Why does the industry need

The key mission of is to be a straight forward guide to the vast range of solutions and services available in the market place, as well as providing advice and general information about Outsourcing, BPO and Shared Services. was born because the outsourcing marketplace  is inefficient, where willing buyers are not able to easily engage with relevant  providers. By providing a straightforward overview to the industry, addresses the misconceptions many people have about outsourcing and make them aware of what is available in the market place..

Get Involved!

Editorial: If you are in the industry we want to hear from you.  If you have any ideas on what should be included or have an article of some sort you would like to submit then please email: Please find a list of editorial topics that we aim to include in the first ebook to be produced.

Directory Listings: Ensure your organisation is listed in the directory of service providers.

Advertising and Sponsorship: Help educate the market and broader business community about BPO & your solutions, while generating leads and new opportunities for your business.

February 25, 2013

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