The Talent Management Challenge



russelTalent Management has become a primary HR (Human Resource) issue for organisations and their business success. It’s about getting the most out of your workforce and managing your talent pool most effectively. III Part Interview series with Russell Ives, Managing Director for Accenture, on key trends facing the HR and HRO industry.

Organisations are increasingly looking at HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing), traditionally focused on managing payroll and employee administration, to support their talent management initiatives and processes.

III Part Interview series with Russell Ives, Managing Director for Accenture, on key trends facing the HR and HRO industry.

It does matter what industry you’re in or the nature of your business, managing the talent pool is critical to the success of the business. How you execute that varies from business to business and it does have implications for HRO and how HRO supports the organisation.

Russell Ives, Managing Director for Accenture, comments, “Talent Management has been bubbling along for some time but it is increasingly important for organisations looking to tap into different talent pools across the globe. How to drive talent management most effectively for the organisation. from finding and recruiting the necessary talent, to developing it and retaining it.”

Organisations are looking for complete end-to-end talent management solutions. How should they recruit, how should they deliver training and what training and how do they monitor the results of that training?

Ives postulates, “First and foremost is the question, ‘How do I determine what my forward talent management requirements really are?’. Followed by, ‘What are the resources, skills and capabilities that I have now? What gaps do I have today? What is the business trying to achieve in the next 1,2 or 3 years?”

“Where will I need to recruit? Where do I need to develop skills sets and how do I actually build an accurate workforce view with some accuracy to be able to drive my recruitment and talent management activities.”

In terms of HRO solutions being developed and deployed to address these questions, analytics is becoming a critical component, Ives comments. “Here we see analytics in the HR realm really coming into play. Analytics in terms of workforce analysis and planning is becoming  a critical element.  How you identify where you want to build your capability? We are seeing see that being adopted by a number of leading organisations.”

The other important area that Ives identifies in the talent management sphere is online recruitment, “How do I make my only recruitment strategy far more targeted, focused, effective and successful so I can meet those capability requirements that I’ve identified.”

“Organisations are looking to tap into the large job boards, such as Seek and Monster, far more effectively. Here again analytics can be used to be focused and targeted in terms of the skills sets being advertised.”

“Analytics is also being deployed to screen candidates and improve successful hiring rates. By analysing candidates backgrounds, experiences and contrasting those with experiences inside the business, you can start identifying a better fit for candidates in the short to medium term.”

Russell is the Managing Director for Accenture Operations in Australia. With over 25 years’ experience he is an acknowledged leader in leveraging Business Process Outsourcing to drive improved business performance. Russell’s specialties include Shared Services, Business Process Outsourcing, Process Transformation and Re-engineering across a number of different industries.  Russell has both a Bachelor and Masters degree from the University of Melbourne.

August 14, 2014

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