Recruitment agencies turning to offshore virtual agents



By Ross Clennett

Business support specialist Rusher Rogers Recruiting turned to an offshore admin and support solution after escalating staff costs and turnover issues negatively affected the company’s profitability. Agencies lose productivity to sub-par support staff; however offshoring these services is a time- and cost-efficient solution.

The company has mixed success with admin and support consultants, typically being okay [at] admin but generally weren’t very good at sourcing candidates and only skilled at processing incoming applicants.The agency began using a ‘Recruitment Virtual Support Agent’ to address the issue, said Clennett.

For a monthly cost of $3,000 plus GST, the admin and support role is undertaken by an RVSA saving [the company] around $2,000 a month in salary on costs, before the savings of associated office costs.

The RVSA agent, who started in March this year, undertakes tasks such as writing and posting job ads, and candidate searches, and her work has resulted in an estimated $40k gross profit improvement, with a time saving of six hours per filled job. Further, the company recently posted its best gross and net profit results in two years.

Ross Clennett is a speaker, trainer, writer and coach for the recruitment industry.

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September 3, 2014

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