NRMA lobbies government to outsource services



NRMAThe NRMA has called for the government to outsource ­services, including jobseeking ­programs and disability services, to mutuals and co-operatives, as the Coalition looked to curb costs in traditional government services.

The Australian reported that NRMA chief executive Tony Stuart made the call at Parliament House when a white paper on a “third way” that sees co-operatives and mutuals play a greater role in service ­provision is released.

Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews launched the white paper, developed by the Business Council of Co-­operatives and Mutuals, whose members include grain co-­operative CBHGroup, dairy co-op Murray Goulburn, Dutch giant Rabobank and the NRMA.

The NRMA is the member-owned mutual that provides roadside assistance and is separate to the Insurance Australia Group-owned NRMA Insurance that formed from a 2000 demutual­isation. The call came as the ­government looked to make budget savings.

The National Commission of Audit has recommended outsourcing areas that included the government payment system, though the information technology system that underpins the welfare payments system would need to be replaced.

The NRMA pointed to trends in Britain and Europe, where the sector had been moving into the provision of services that were once the domain of government, such as housing and jobseeking.

The group said its proposal would not substitute the role of government, but would instead mean services were provided to “support it”

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September 9, 2014

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