Not Fair! That could mean trouble!



BY Jon Pratlett

eyeThis week we pick back up on the CARER model and the crucial letter E for Equity (fairness). Keeping an eye out for, and being mindful of, perceived inequity in the way you treat people is vital. People need to percieve they are being treated fairly. You can quickly dampen employee morale and performance if you don’t. Conversely, equity will likely have the opposite effect and improve employee morale.

Even something as innocuous as a comment  like “You’ll have to be quick”, without any context, can easily be interpreted as a down put.

Transparency in how decisions are made and the business is run will be motivational, while secrecy and “need to know” work cultures will be demotivating.

What decisions haven’t you explained clearly? Just do it. Your people will thank you for it.

In relation to Einstein’s quote to the left, are you being equitable in the way you are judging your team. Do their role descriptions fairly reflect what you expect of them?

Treating others equitably may serve as a strong cue of acceptance and thus be experienced as intrinsically rewarding in itself.

On the other side of the coin if YOU are not being treated equitably, what are you going to do about it? YOU GET WHAT YOU SETTLE FOR!

Don’t settle for anything less.

Jon-Pratlett-imageJon Pratlett is a neuroleadership expert, speaker, facilitator, high performance consultant and coach. His clients include many of Austalia’s leading companies, as well as the Australian Olympic Committee. He has represented Australia in 2000 and 2001 at the World Ironman Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii and has lead the Bondi Running & Triathlon Club to 3 State Club titles. He is Sydney based and travels the globe.

October 6, 2014

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