Need a parking space? Divvy sets up in Melbourne



Divvy Parking allows people with spare parking spaces to hire those spaces out. Divvy handles the bookings, payments (taking a percentage for providing the service) and provides a money back guarantee on availability.

The concept behind Divvy Parking is that people lease out spare parking spaces at their homes or places of business.

Perhaps they live in a busy suburb where parking is restricted, and they are happy to let someone pay to park in their drive while they are at work. Or maybe their office space comes with an entitlement to four parking spots, and they and their employees only use three of them.

Divvy brings together people with spare parking spaces and those who need them, handles the payments (taking a slice of the action, naturally), and provides a money-back guarantee that the space will be available on the first day of the booking and matches its description.

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November 4, 2014

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