It’s all about “Personally Responsible” isn’t it?



By Jon Pratlett

Jon-Pratlett-imageIn the Shared Services or Outsourcing world that you inhabit you will have noticed that high performers consistently take personal responsibility for their actions. (staying above the dotted horizontal line in the image to your left).

How do you next respond when someone challenges or criticises you? An average to poor performer will stay below the “dotted horizontal” line (see left), and justify, lay blame, deny or avoid responsibility for their actions. A high performer will pause, and then reflect or inquire as to what they might do, to improve their performance next time.

So, pay attention to your immediate reactions (above or below the line?) when next confronted by a mistake, a colleague, partner or boss, pause, and then choose your response, rather than any automatic defensiveness.

High performers make, admit and correct their mistakes quickly. Neuroscience suggests this doesn’t take “will power” but rather “won’t power”, the ability to inhibit the automatic tendency to defend, due to the fact that the brain is wired to minimise danger and maximise reward.

Be vigilant with yourself, and notice the response of others too.

Encourage your team to pause, and reflect as to whether they are about to respond from above the line, or below the line, before responding to perceived criticism from clients.

To your success. Kind regards Jon Pratlett

Jon Pratlett is a neuroleadership expert, speaker, facilitator, high performance consultant and coach. His clients include many of Austalia’s leading companies, as well as the Australian Olympic Committee. He has represented Australia in 2000 and 2001 at the World Ironman Triathlon Championship in Kona, Hawaii and has lead the Bondi Running & Triathlon Club to 3 State Club titles. He is Sydney based and travels the globe.

July 30, 2014

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