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Date(s) - 16/06/2015 - 17/06/2015
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Theme: Re-inventing Global Sourcing – Cloud, Mobile & Social

We are living through a sea of change in sourcing strategy. While it has taken longer than we anticipated for web services and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to become a practical reality, the impact is proving to be quite extraordinary. And where ITO goes today, BPO will surely follow¡­.. The impact of this shift can be truly game changing ¨C business agility through faster outcomes, less capital investment, greater flexibility, escape from the treadmill of software version upgrades, and a technology catalyst for introducing business process best practices.

The buyer has to be even smarter ¨C orchestrating multiple boutique suppliers. Hybrid solutions are becoming commonplace. Your partner / supplier companies each have their own operating system that they want to leverage across their multiple customers, so your organization has to act as a sort of ¡°hypervisor¡± in order to get them all to work together.

This is where the World BPO/ITO Forum makes a real difference ¡ª by enabling buyers and sellers of services to meet each other, and by encouraging experts to share insights in a friendly environment.


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