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Date(s) - 27/09/2015 - 29/09/2015
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West Coast, United States


Welcome to Digital Marketing Exchange

Traditionally marketing helps promote and sell products with success measured by increased sales and brand awareness. Digital marketers must work hard to create a brand personality and promise that works across and can be conveyed through multi-channels. The brand personality needs to be flexible enough so customers can interact with meaningful and relevant content through smartphones on the go, at home on a tablet or in the traditional brick-in-mortar store at an interactive kiosk. Data and analytics are tools digital marketers harness to optimize engagement and create conversions in the ever-changing digital world.

The role of digital marketing executives is evolving into an elevated position, requiring a pulse on all facets of the business. Progressive marketers need to be digitally savvy, open to change, and actively forging tighter customer relationships to drive business growth.

Vice president of Digital Marketing and senior marketing executives need to interpret how to embrace big data and analytics, integrate digital platforms and advance business intelligence. To achieve this, forward-thinking marketers are successfully:

  • The ABCs of Discovering Your Digital Persona to Drive Engagement and Traffic
  • Explore Virtual Reality: The New Frontier of Digital Marketing
  • Capture and Keep Customer Attention Through Content Marketing Initiatives
  • Mobile First: Understanding How to Target Millenials
  • Building Customer Relationships through ¬†Innovative Use of the Omni-Channel
  • Forget Big Data, Focus on Results-Driven Data
  • Utilize Real-Time Location Marketing to Find New Business Opportunities

I personally invite you to attend an intimate, three-day, content-rich forum full of real-life case studies, relevant panel discussions and interactive sessions produced from extensive research, market intelligence and feedback from industry leaders, influencers and senior marketing executives. I look forward to meeting you at the 2015 Digital Marketing Exchange.


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