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Date(s) - 26/04/2015 - 28/04/2015
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Welcome to CLO Exchange 2015

Broadening Learning’s Scope

It’s no longer just about training. It’s about delivering content and access to enable the workforce to compete and be productive in a new world of constant change precipitated by rapid globalization, economic interdependence and innovation in technology.

The theme’s of IQPC’s 3rd Annual Chief Learning Officer Exchange are built around the need to re-think and adapt L&D’s strategy to meet the business needs for skills. As a result, the following trends are in the making:

All Companies Are Becoming Technology Companies – Regardless of market segments, all companies are becoming “technology” companies. Technology will determine a company’s competitive reach, operating efficiencies and drive the customer experience. The question becomes does a company grow or acquire technical talent? And how can it be done efficiently and effectively?

Agility – The ability to change course quickly is one of the biggest limiting factors amongst CLOs. How can we create an organization that is nimble and adaptable to changing business environment (both internal and external)? How do we balance the long-term plans that create the leadership capability with short-term needs?

Productivity Improvement & Innovation As Guideposts in Assessing Training Outcomes – Organizations must focus on continuously improving knowledge worker productivity & the productivity of capital, and systematically produce and manage innovation, We discuss how internal training organizations are reinventing their leadership programs to equip executives with the thinking, the knowledge, and the skills to succeed in a low/slow growth economic environment

The Intersection of Learning, Leadership, Talent & Performance Management – While “learning: and “capabilities” are the biggest challenges in business today, these problems are only solved when a company looks at the end-to-end process of managing people. It is the role of the CLO to understand and look at training and learning in the broader context of talent management

Preparing for the Next-Gen Worker – 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day. Is your organization ready? With the emergence of more social and collaborative ways of working, and a millennial workforce, you need to amend your learning and employee engagement practices to remain viable.

New Models & Approaches for Learning – From just-in-time to social to virtual to action, we explore the variety of forms and formats leading organizations are taking to foster learning beyond the classroom and deal with interruptions that come with more choices and conflicting learning activities

We look forward to helping you evolve your leadership development programs, create new & innovative approaches to foster learning beyond the classroom, instill a high performing culture and maximize L&D’s role on talent, succession and performance management.

We at IQPC look forward to welcoming you to the 2015 CLO Exchange.


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