9th Annual Innovations in Automotive Seating



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Date(s) - 27/07/2015 - 29/07/2015
All Day

Detroit, MI


9th Annual Automotive Seating Summit

New Designs and Cost Efficient Innovations Transform the Future of Automotive Seating

Seating has slowly been transformed through the years from a simple structure to a complicated technical masterpiece-fit to fill the desires of both the consumer and auto manufactures. When OEM and Tier 1 companies design the structure of the car, the seat is referred to as one of the heaviest and costly interior parts. While traditional designs have been favored throughout the industry, companies have started to construct new structures that will forever change automotive seating in more ways than one. Creating a lighter design while decreasing cost is a constant battle for auto manufacturers and Tier 1 companies are experimenting with different designs and materials that will maintain safety but decrease cost.

While safety is the number one concern for OEM companies, that doesn’t mean luxury design needs to take a backseat. Rising customer expectations to increase these designs has strengthened the urgency for OEM and Tier 1 companies to produce a seat that will create a more stress-free environment for their passengers.

Join us and take full advantage at the 9th Annual Automotive Seating Summit on July 27-29, 2015 in Detroit, MI and learn about the latest innovations, structural designs and global expansions throughout the seating industry.


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