Delivering New Levels of Quality Outsourced Customer Centric Service



By Meg Dennis, CEO of WorkDivision.

deliveringAs the harmonisation of servicing trend across the BPO industry continues, outsourcing businesses are challenged to provide servicing which still delivers the operating cost savings it is famous for while working to reach new heights in customer service.

Martin Conboy posed some good questions and challenges to the BPO and outsourced call centre industry in his recent story on The Rise and Fall of the Australian Contact Centre July 16, 2014.  A commonly shared observation that Martin put forward and one that will be core to the next generation of customer service and administration outsourcing is, businesses need to re-align their customer service model back to the service principles they want to deliver to their customers.  The ones who do this well will set themselves apart from their competitors. and Global Services 2014 predicted a shift away from outsourcing to insourcing largely motivated by this realignment of business model to service this is especially the case in Australia, and we will see more hybrid models surfacing.

One of the foundations to outsourcing is a level of standardization of process and centralization of service, this enables the outsourcer internal economies of scale but it’s often at the sacrifice of quality and value-add customer service.  Remember ‘first call resolution’ customer service promises? They are having a comeback, with greater access to customer satisfaction data, I hear almost daily clients who experience the cost of acquisition being far greater than the cost of retention and are looking for outsourced solutions who can return them back to these customer centric servicing principles. Businesses that need outsourcing to keep their operating costs low are also recognising that the success of this cost saving strategy needs balancing with the proposition and target quality of service.

Outsourcers will need to respond to meet the higher and evolving service standards that their clients want. Higher more tailored quality customer service usually requires greater domain knowledge and investment in servicing the clients customer lifecycle.  Robotics are likely to play a part as a technology enabler but in a different part of the value chain, quality customer service for many industries and businesses will need to be on some level be client specific and human centric.

What is required are solutions for outsourcers that allow them to lift the quality of customer servicing without greater human investment.  Without innovation to enable smarter ways of working, efficiency gains in the new servicing model wont be achievable. Customer lifecycle administration platforms that process differently and have the ability to deliver higher customer service standards without requiring more resources will be critical to maintaining the cost benefit for their clients, meeting a new level of quality of service demands and bucking the re-shoring trends.

July 22, 2014

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