Contact Centre Outsourcing Leaders have Balanced Approach



The leading Contact Centre Outsourcing (CCO) providers are more likely to use a balanced delivery model between high-cost and low-cost regions, according to Everest’s recent Peak Matrix. Serco, Sitel, Teleperformance, and Xerox  are the current Leaders on Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix for CCO based on their market successes and CCO delivery capabilities.

The Everest study also highlighted that the third-party contact center spend grew steadily at ~7% in 2013 to reach US$70-75 billion. In the mature, highly fragmented, and competitive CCO market, organic growth is primarily driven by penetration of nascent buyer geographies and industries. Rising buyer maturity has promoted the demand for services that target business outcomes rather than offer simple labor arbitrage.

Also, buyers want solutions that meet their industry-specific needs. Service providers are, therefore, increasingly targeting emerging CCO markets, armed with a suite of industry-specific solutions and value-added offerings, including social media and customer analytics.

The 2014 PEAK Matrix for CCO is based on 1,000+ CCO contracts signed by 20+ service providers.

July 21, 2014

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