Brisbane Airport slashes capital costs by outsourcing data centre



Millions of dollars in upfront costs have been saved by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) by outsourcing its data centre to iseek. Due to the ever growing volume of flights and operations data Brisbane airport needed to expand its data centre.

BAC considered building its own secondary data centre, as its primary data centre had reached capacity. After doing a financial analysis, this proved to be too costly.

BAC discovered it would be more cost-effective to take up iseek’s co-location services after speaking to one of the data centre’s tenants. The Eagle Farm data centre was up and running within three months.

“We can continue to expand without incurring huge cost of expanding the building because that scalability can be easily achieved as business requirements grow; you just buy the extra capacity as you grow,” said BAC’s general manager of assets, Krishan Tangri.

“Whereas if you are building your own, you would have to build for future needs upfront and you pay for that upfront and will not use it for a long time.”

Tangri said he is satisfied with the level of redundancy in the outsourced data centre. “We need N+1 redundancy, which is the power supplied by two separate cables. We also have emergency power and a backup fuel tank.

“To build all of that redundancy on our own would have incurred a huge extra cost,” he added.

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July 1, 2014

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