BPO company dupes hundreds across Kashmir



Ambala-based Vertical Planet IT and BPO Solutions Inc has allegedly duped hundreds of people in Kashmir by swindling lakhs of rupees from them. 

According to the affected, the company had engaged a good number of people through its franchisees in Jammu and Kashmir for the work of digitalization of the books promising them handsome amounts for their work. 

The company had demanded and received lakhs of rupees as security deposits from the clients showing interest to work with it. In return it had promised them to pay for the digitlisation work, but failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the agreements with them.

The company, according to affected, allegedly defaulted in the payment running into crores of rupees to over 250 people in Kashmir alone. 

“The company violated the agreement it had signed with us under which it had promised to make the payment for the work done on 15th and 30th of every month through demand draft, cheque or electronic transfer,” they said.

 “The company according to the contract had agreed to provide the hard books to us through cargo to be converted into the PDF files after formatting which would be delivered to the company through CDs,” they said. 

The company had informed “us that we would have to digitilize the rare books of some libraries in some countries including Nigeria. So we were asked to deposit security amount so that the books in our custody don’t get damaged.”

The affected said that they invested money to raise the infrastructure and set up scanning machines to be able to carry out required job. 

The affected said that some of them were doing the work with company from February this year. “Some of us have received the money for sometime but for the last one month nobody has received any money,” they said.

“I paid a security deposit of Rs. 3 lakh. After doing some work, I received a payment of Rs. 86,000. But after that I paid another Rs. 3 lakh for another work as security deposit. My all money has been swindled by the company,” said an affected.

The affected alleged that the company has wound up and its “promoters have left the country and the franchisee offices in Kashmir are closed.”

The affected said that those who have been defrauded by the company in Jammu have approached the authorities there registering a case against the company. “But here nobody is giving any heed to us,” they said.

Inspector General of Police, Crime, Javed Mujtaba Gilani, said, “We have registered a case on the complaints received from the people affected and the investigation is on.” 

Iqbal Hussain, an victim, who had signed up the contract with the company said: “The cheques which were issued by the company bounced. The company has wound up and we have filed the complaint with the police.” 


July 18, 2014

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