• Terms of Engagement

    August 27, 2015
    By Margot Cairnes, MBA, B.Ed. (Hons), 12 SFB (12 Steps-For-Business) Boards seem to be very interested in the results of engagement surveys in which there is a burgeoning industry. CEOs are responding by ensuring they are doing “something” about low engagement scores. We recently researched this trend. It turns out that most engagement surveys are […]
  • Growth and diversity in Impact Sourcing

    By Martin Conboy Last year the Everest Group produced a report that revealed that “Impact Sourcing” is growing faster than the overall BPO market. Aside from having a positive ‘impact’ on the lives of disadvantaged and deprived communities by giving them gainful employment, it delivers real business value. Though the promise of Impact Sourcing seems […]
  • Market Snippets Year 6, Issue 28

    Vietnam: Is Vietnam a viable offshore outsourcing alternative? The Philippines: Chinese yuan devaluation, ‘big win’ for PH BPO industry US: Outsourcing IT security continues to grow, study finds UK: Edinburgh City Council signs deal with CGI
  • Don’t be cheap

    August 13, 2015
    By Mark Atterby Cost reduction is a major allure for organisation’s to outsource. But being purely cost focused can be more costly in the long run. Cheap is not always better, particularly when it comes to selecting an outsourcing provider. One of the major causes of failed outsourcing relationships is not being able to identify […]
  • How social is your business?

    By Martin Conboy Social media is no longer simply a tool for marketers to engage customers. According to a new research report from Altimeter, The 2015 State of Social Business: Priorities Shift from Scaling to Integrating, organisations are increasingly viewing it as platform to support a broader digital vision and to achieve new levels of […]
  • Market Snippets Year 6, Issue 27

    Jamaica: BPO explosion US: Wipfli First U.S. Provider of Microsoft BPO South America: Have Latin American Countries Reached BPO Saturation? The Philippines: How Obamacare helps boost BPO employment in the Philippines
  • The challenge of reinventing ourselves

    August 6, 2015
    By Margot Cairnes, MBA, B.Ed. (Hons), 12 SFB (12 Steps-For-Business) As our world gets smaller and as the balance of power shifts from Europe and the US to India and China we find ourselves needing to learn and accept more about our cultures that might seem foreign to our own. Culture is such a subtle […]
  • The opportunities and challenges for Health and Pharma outsourcing

    By Martin Conboy Organisations in the healthcare and life sciences industry are experiencing significant opportunities as well as challenges. The industry in OECD countries is expected to be worth $US10 trillion by 2020. Pharmaceutical companies are facing times of unprecedented challenge; expiring patents, generics competition, clogged pipelines, pricing pressures, huge R& D costs which all […]
  • Market Snippets Year 6, Issue 26

    The Philippines: BPO turns to interns to acquire more talent India: UK’s Inclusive Ventures invests ₹15 cr in rural BPO firm India: Indian clients paying a premium for BPO services USA: What the Auto Industry Can Learn from Cloud Computing  
  • What impact is Digital Disruption having on your business?

    July 28, 2015
    By Mark Atterby Everyone is talking about digital disruption. But how much are traditional companies doing about it? And what will be its full impact? We’ve seen the rise of Uber and Airbnb to disrupt the taxi and travel industries. Who’s next? According to the Harvey Nash CIO survey 2015, Australian organisations are being affected […]
  • How To Survive By Training

    By Martin Conboy To cope with an ever-changing market and technological landscape, organisations need to invest in skills development and learning programs to ensure they remain competitive and are capable of adapting to the future. Outsourcing the development and delivery of these initiatives means costs can be kept to a minimum. Lets agree at the […]
  • Market Snippets Year 6, Issue 25

    US: 10 Reasons For Startups To Be Wary Of Outsourcing Philippines: Amid boom, Bacolod City’s BPO talent pool drying up UK: Met Police on the verge of outsourcing hundreds of jobs to SSCL Philippines: Open Access BPO to launch Philippine office in Davao