We would like to encourage as much participation as possible, from all those in the industry, in the editorial and content development of theOutsourcing-guide.com. Please find below a list of topics.

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  •   Evaluating BPO Providers
  •   On-shoring, Near-shoring, and Off-shoring
  •   Assessing delivery capabilities
  •   Assessing transformation capabilities
  •   Cultural fit
  •   Scoping a BPO/Outsourcing project
  •   Outsourcing: Risks and Pitfalls
  •  Starting a BPO or outsourcing relationship
  •   Contract negotiation and management
  •   SLAs
  •   Governance
  •   Defining and measuring key metrics
  •   Sharing the benefits from innovation
  •   Latest Technology Trends

A range of eBooks will be produced. Each eBook explores some area or specialty of outsourcing.

  • RPO and HRO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Marketing Outsourcing
  • Legal Process Outsourcing
  • BPO 4.0: Big Data and Analytics
  • Health and Medical Outsourcing
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Management